What Does a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Do?

Following a motorbike accident, tension is common. Many need to learn what motorcycle accident attorneys do or how they may help in these cases.

Having a motorcycle accident lawyer might make the difference between getting the most money possible for your settlement or nothing at all. Injury victims may schedule a FREE consultation with one of John Foy & Associates’ skilled Atlanta motorcycle accident lawyers. To find out more about the duties of a motorcycle accident attorney, keep reading.

A Motorcycle Accident Lawyer: What Is It?

A motorcycle collision specialist is a personal injury attorney. Personal injury attorneys assist accident victims in recovering damages like:

  • Medical care
  • Wages lost
  • Earning potential decreased
  • Life quality declined
  • Anguish and misery
  • Damage to property

A person is guilty of negligence when they cause an automobile accident, meaning they have disregarded their legal duty to act in a manner that prevents harm to others.

Motorcycle accidents are covered under the tort law theory. A personal injury lawyer who helps clients get compensation after a motorbike accident is known as a motorcycle accident lawyer. The goal is to make the accident victims whole again by providing compensation.

The Functions of a Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Here are some particular ways a motorcycle accident lawyer may aid your case to obtain the money you’re entitled to.

Describe Your Legal Rights If You Were in a Motorcycle Accident

Most victims of motorbike accidents are familiar with managing car accidents. It is perplexing to figure out where to begin when submitting a claim for a motorbike accident or what steps to take to protect yourself. To make sure you understand your legal options and other case information, your attorney may act as a guide.

In Georgia, if someone breaks the law and causes you injury, you have the right to sue for damages (Georgia Code Section 51-1-6).

Giving Clear Legal Guidance

The legalese and insurance used in motorcycle accident claims are beyond the comprehension of most customers. In addition, you will have to deal with the insurance company, which might try to pressure you into taking a little payout or ask you for information that could be used against you.

Legal advice and insurance fraud prevention are available from your attorney. A competent lawyer would advise you not to sign any documents from the insurance provider, consent to make any declarations or take the initial settlement offer.

After an accident, you should concentrate on receiving medical attention, recovering, and spending time with your loved ones. A motorcycle accident attorney will take care of the legal parts of your case.

Constructing a Motorcycle Wreck Case

Before you may file your motorcycle accident claim with the at-fault driver’s insurance company, you need documentation proving the following:

Your injuries came about as a consequence of the motorbike collision.

  • The negligent party brought on the accident.
  • You suffered damages as a consequence of the motorbike accident.

A motorcycle accident lawyer will collect the material required for a successful insurance case. Photographs from the site, accident reports, medical information, testimonies from witnesses, and more will be gathered.

The goal is to establish the accident’s cause, the responsible party’s obligation, and the incident’s sequence of events.

They can more precisely assess your overall losses, including all medical expenses if they wait until your treatment is over. When your lawyer has the whole narrative, they will create a strong case to support your assertion.

Striking a Fair Settlement for a Motorbike Accident

Your insurance claim will be reviewed and responded to by the agency once you submit it. The insurance provider may make a lowball offer that needs to be revised to cover the full extent of your losses. A lawyer will assess it to safeguard you if they maintain a reasonable amount or the best they can manage.

A motorcycle accident lawyer knows how to talk to the insurer.

They will endeavour to reach a settlement agreement that is reasonable for you in light of your injuries. Should they succeed, you will get payment.

In court, representing you

Motorcycle accident settlements are common, especially if the injured rider hires an experienced attorney. But sometimes, the insurance provider refuses to accept a reasonable settlement offer. Should that occur, your attorney could think about bringing legal action.

You will get legal representation throughout the whole case procedure from your lawyer. They will try to work out a settlement before going to trial. At this stage, settlements are often struck, but if the insurance company isn’t fair in their bargaining offer, litigation attorneys will take the matter to court.

When Is It Needful to Hire a Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

It might be confusing and upsetting to find oneself in an automobile accident. Working with an experienced motorcycle accident attorney, however, may provide vital advice and assistance when required. The following situations indicate why consulting with a legal expert is recommended:

  • When there are serious injuries or fatalities; • When there is a dispute over liability between you and other parties; • When the insurance company is unwilling to provide just compensation or is abusing its power to deny your claim; • When you are unable to come to an agreement and require legal assistance to navigate hearings, depositions, and court proceedings; • When there are several parties involved or when a business has an in-house legal team.

Hiring a motorcycle accident attorney may help your case go more smoothly than if you handled the legal matter independently. The greatest comfort comes from knowing that you have experts in various practice areas advising you to protect your interests.

Is Winning My Accident Claim Guaranteed If I Hire a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer?

Even though hiring legal counsel will help you win more cases, the outcome of your claim will rely on some factors, including the specifics of the motorcycle accident, the available evidence, the applicable laws, and the jury or judge’s decision.

A skilled motorcycle accident attorney may assist you in increasing the following aspects of your claim’s likelihood of success:

  • To find further proof or circumstances that might boost your settlement amount, a motorcycle accident attorney can work with experts like accident reconstructionists or vocational specialists. • Lawyers will gather crucial information that establishes liability and bolsters your accusation.

If insurance firms provide you with less than fair compensation for your losses, they can stand a chance. An experienced lawyer can settle a claim with an insurance company or take legal action to get fair compensation to cover lost wages, medical costs, and other accident-related losses.

Although there is no assurance that your claim will be accepted, most personal injury lawyers only charge you for their services if they successfully win your case. This ensures that your attorney will devote all of their efforts to making sure you are paid.

When Should I Get in Touch with a Motorcycle Accident Attorney Following My Motorcycle Accident?

You are highly urged to contact a motorbike crash lawyer as soon as possible after the accident since they are in charge of gathering evidence and working with the insurance adjuster to look into the specifics of your motorcycle claim.

Furthermore, it’s common for the auto insurance company to get in touch with accident victims after the collision to get a recorded statement; thus, it’s advisable to speak with an attorney before making any statements to protect the foundation of your claim. Read More



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