The Review of Plymouth Rock Insurance

Jim Stone, who had previously served as the Massachusetts insurance commissioner, established Plymouth Rock in 1982. While they began in Massachusetts by providing auto insurance, they have expanded their services to include home, life, auto, condo, and renters insurance. New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York are the six states that offer products for purchase. First, look at how their homeowner’s insurance policies compare to the other options you could have accessible to you.

What’s protected with Plymouth Rock insurance?

Plymouth Rock plans adhere to the ISO standard forms, the same forms utilized by most of the industry, making it simple to evaluate different coverages. Among the regular add-ons that they provide are water backup, mold coverage, and scheduled jewelry coverage.

They were one of the first insurance companies to use the one-click purchase option for homeowner’s insurance coverage, now accessible in Pennsylvania. The fast online bind is an exciting advance compared to traditional home insurance applications, which might ask more than one hundred questions.

Advantages of Having Insurance in Plymouth Rock

There are four different Assurance Packages that Plymouth Rock provides. Your standard insurance policy can be supplemented with these packages, which offer a wide variety of additional coverage options, features, and benefits that can be added to it. One can get a car insurance policy in Plymouth Rock that offers four different levels of coverage, which are as follows:

  • Essential Assurance
  • Assurance Plus
  • Assurance Preferred
  • Assurance Premier
  • Assurance Premier

Other plans can be purchased for an additional fee; however, the Essential Assurance package is automatically included with your coverage. The following chart explains the coverages and services that are included with each package:

  • Guaranteed Repairs
  • Crashbusters
  • Get Home Safe Coverage
  • Door-to-Door Valet Claim Service
  • Seat Belt and Airbag Benefits
  • Roadside Assistance
  • Depreciation Waiver
  • Deductible Reduction
  • Electronic Key Replacement
  • Gap Coverage
  • Trip Interruption Coverage

What is the cost of insurance for Plymouth Rock?

Prices at Plymouth Rock can change depending on the individual and the ZIP code. When they have a favorable consumer profile, they frequently offer the lowest pricing for that particular customer. Therefore, if you are the lucky favorite, look into their prices.

A high hurricane deductible is one thing to watch if you live around the shore. It is not unusual to find five percent hurricane deductibles for coastal properties, particularly those along the Jersey shore.

Reviews of Plymouth Rock

According to AM Best, Plymouth Rock has a stable outlook with a rating of A-. It would be reasonable to state that they will not disappear any time soon.

In the process of filing a claim with Plymouth Rock

Policyholders have the option of filing a claim in one of the following two ways:

You can submit a claim by calling 844-346-1225 or submitting it online.

Customers should take images, perform the minimum amount required to prevent future damage and keep any pertinent receipts in case they have a loss. Plymouth Rock still has room for improvement in turnaround times, even though they have been paying out claims for a considerable time.

Where can one obtain insurance for Plymouth Rock?

New Jersey, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, New Hampshire, and New York are the six states in which Plymouth Rock provides insurance coverage for automobiles, homes, life insurance, condos, and renters.

Plymouth Rock Insurance App

The Plymouth Rock auto insurance mobile app allows consumers to file and review claims and access account information, billing, and payment information. Even though it possesses valuable functions, most reviews have been unfavorable. On Google Play, the company has been given a rating of 4.9 stars, and they have also gotten a rating of 4.9 stars on the Apple App Store. Many users have expressed discontent with the app’s slow loading speed and technological issues.

A few concluding remarks

In a nutshell, Plymouth Rock is an extraordinarily competitive company if you fit the profile of its ideal consumer. Their claims procedure can be irritating for some consumers, but other than that, they provide coverages that are standard in the industry for homeowners, condos, dwellings, and renters insurance.

FAQ about Plymouth Rock Auto Insurance

Plymouth Rock Insurance is available in which states?

Plymouth Rock Insurance is available in the following states: Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, and New York.

Is Plymouth Rock priced high?

Though not the cheapest, Plymouth Rock is one of many costly businesses available. Your average premium will change based on your age, region, credit score, and driving history. An individual with solid credit and a spotless driving record, aged 35, may expect to pay $3,293 yearly for a full-coverage policy at Plymouth.

How can I find a repair company in Plymouth Rock?

Any authorized repair shop may be selected with Plymouth Rock, and the business’s website features a tool for finding repair shops. A reference shop program also exists in certain states, and if you choose one of the listed shops, you will be eligible for guaranteed repair coverage.

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