Review of AARP Life Insurance for 2024

The American Association of Retired Persons, which caters to individuals over 50, is most well-known for providing resources and savings to its roughly 38 million members. However, AARP also offers a variety of financial and health resources, including life insurance, as you’ll find out from our review on American Association of Retired Persons life insurance.

Review of AARP Life Insurance

Through the AARP website, members can get life insurance by following a few easy steps. But New York Life provides the underwriting for the plans.

There are perks associated with American Association of Retired Persons life insurance. Above all, it can be customized to meet the demands and financial constraints of the majority of its members. For seniors, AARP provides both permanent and term life insurance plans.

Both businesses are still reputable insurance brands. As steady as a firm of its size can be, New York Life’s financial strength has earned it an A++ rating from AM Best. Additionally, this grade suggests that the business will probably survive for many years to guarantee that your claim is paid on time.

Agents for New York Life are also quite knowledgeable. They can provide options if you’d like to discuss different products. Nevertheless, only AARP members are eligible for these particular programs.

Read on to learn more about the company’s policies, how it operates, and who can qualify if you need term or permanent life insurance coverage. You’re an AARP member or thinking about becoming one.

Plans for AARP Life Insurance Available

Through its collaboration with New York Life, an insurance provider, AARP provides coverage for both term and permanent life insurance. There is also guaranteed acceptance of life insurance, all of which plans don’t need a medical examination. To ascertain your policy limit, the business should consult your medical records.

New York Life Insurance offers many possibilities for consumers of any age seeking a substantial investment or retirement planning tool. Nevertheless, AARP’s agreement covers the restricted selection of New York Life’s senior-focused mini-insurance products.

An overview of the several kinds of life insurance that you can buy from AARP through its affiliation with New York Life is shown in the chart below.

Types of life insuranceCoverage lengthBuilds cash valueWaiting period
Level Benefit TermUp to age 80NoNo
Permanent LifeLifetimeYesNo
Guaranteed AcceptanceLifetimeYesYes

Term Life Insurance with AARP AARP-level benefits

Similar to term life insurance policies from competitors, AARP and New York Life provide a level of benefit for term life insurance products. No medical test is needed for this policy. Those who are accepted can keep their coverage until they are 80. Additionally, customers can trade in this policy for group permanent life insurance that AARP recommends without undergoing another medical exam.

It’s crucial to remember that rates and coverage are subject to change. Even if a medical exam is unnecessary for conversion. Companies that offer life insurance may still request medical information and pose medical-related queries.

AARP offers up to $150,000 in level benefit term life insurance. The majority of applicants may get an online quotation in just a few minutes. As part of the qualifying procedure, buyers should be prepared to respond to a few medical questions and have their current medical data pulled by the company.

Permanent Life Insurance from AARP

AARP’s permanent life insurance is based on a quick and simple online quote. Qualification does not require a medical exam; nevertheless, this does not negate the use of pre-existing medical data.

Until they turn 95, consumers contribute premiums to their permanent life insurance policy; at that point, AARP views the policy as “paid up.” After that, the insurance holder won’t have to worry about paying more because the death benefit will be fixed until a claim is made.

Moreover, AARP’s permanent life insurance policy accrues cash value you can access anytime during your lifetime. When a buyer is diagnosed with a terminal disease. Many use the accelerated death benefit to take out loans to cover living expenses and medical expenses. Loans and other early withdrawals are permitted by policy for various reasons. We advise going over specifics with a certified New York Life representative.

Permanent coverage has set rates, with a $50,000 maximum benefit accessible to qualified buyers.

AARP Life Insurance with Guaranteed Acceptance

Additionally, AARP provides guaranteed acceptance of life insurance without needing a medical exam. But note that this kind of coverage has a two-year waiting period. During that period, accidental death is covered in total. But natural death is only eligible for a reimbursement of 110% of the premiums paid.

As long as clients pay their premiums, this protection can continue until they are 95 years old and gradually increase in value. With AARP’s guaranteed acceptance of life insurance, the maximum death benefit is $25,000.

AARP Life Insurance Provides Additional Choices for Coverage (Riders)

Through New York Life, AARP provides a restricted range of life insurance alternatives but lets members personalize their policies. Additional riders offered by AARP and New York Life are as follows:

AARP Term Rider Protect Plus: This rider provides consumers with an associated term benefit and an opportunity to expand coverage for a limited period. If you die within the predetermined period, your beneficiaries will get the total face value of both plans. If you fail later, it will return to the permanent policy value.

Expedited Death Benefit Rider: An expedited death benefit rider is available on all life insurance plans. Members with terminal illnesses with a life expectancy of fewer than 24 months will get half of their death payment immediately. For those who get term insurance, this rider is especially consoling because, if the policy lapses. There would be no death benefit.

Waiver of Premium: Those mandated to reside in a nursing home for a minimum of 180 days are eligible for AARP’s waiver of premium. First, you don’t need to worry about paying for anything now.

How to Make an Life Insurance Claim

Customers can easily submit claims thanks to AARP and New York Life since they clearly show the necessary information on the AARP website. The claims portal also provides policyholders with information on what to expect and the various alternatives for submitting a claim.

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