How to Travel to Bran Castle from Brasov 

The small village of Bran is home to one of the most famous castles in Romania. Bran Castle is steeped in myths and legends surrounding Dracula thanks to associations with Vlad “Dracul” Tepes the Impaler. But how do you get from Brasov to Bran Castle?

There are three main ways to get from Brasov to Bran Castle. The first is to take the Brasov to Bran Castle bus, which runs hourly between Autogara 2 in Brasov and Bran. The second is to take a taxi, which is the quickest way, and the third is to take a tour.

I first visited Bran from Brasov in 2019 and returned in 2023 to film a documentary about dark tourism at the castle. I have traveled between the two using taxis and buses and will tell you the most up-to-date information from my recent visit.

Routes to Bran Castle From Brasov

If you’re wondering how to get to Castle Bran from Brasov, this guide will help you choose the best option depending on your requirements. You can take a tour by bus or taxi, and the journey time ranges from 35 minutes to a full-day tour of the region.

The distance is just 19 miles (30 km), so it’s an easy trip no matter which option you take.

Ways to Bran Castle from Brasov

Brasov to Bran Castle by public transport is quick, easy, simple, and most importantly, CHEAP! There is no need to book an organized tour. With patience and planning, you can have a great day out at less than half the price of taking time. However, if you’re on a luxury break and don’t want the hassle of navigating to bus stations, you can book a perfect Bran Castle tour to suit your needs. Furthermore, you should take some time, which includes the benefit of skipping the lines. The entrance can get super busy during the summer months.

Ride the bus to Bran.

When you reach Auto Gara 2, you must wait for the bus to Bran to show up. You can buy your ticket directly from the bus driver. The bus costs 13 Lei ($2.78) per person one-way. The bus to Bran is scheduled to leave every half hour; on the hour and half past the hour. However, we waited for an hour for a bus to show up. Therefore, the scheduled timetable may be unreliable, but the bus will come eventually. The journey to Bran takes around 50 minutes.

To go to Bran, take a taxi 

The quickest way to get from Brasov to Bran Castle is to take a taxi, but it’s costly. Taxis will want to charge double the fare as they can’t guarantee a return pickup, but this is a con). In April 2023, the meter fare was 110 Lei ($24), but I was charged double even though I returned by bus.

Taking a taxi is the quickest way to get to the castle as it takes around 35 minutes from Brasov’s old town. You can use a ridesharing app like Uber or Bolt to get a better price (I don’t have Uber and was running late, so I chose a local cab company).

Travelling around Bran’s town

The town of Bran itself is beautiful, with medieval walls and old buildings. Take time to wander the shops and the plenty of market stalls selling gimmicky Dracula souvenirs. The things you will find may surprise you! Buying some Halloween decor or souvenirs for your next Halloween party would be good if you’re there in the autumn.

If you get a little hungry after exploring the castle, there are plenty of cute cafes where you can grab a bite to eat and drink. You could choose to dine at one of the fancy pubs for a nice hot sit-down meal, or you could quickly grab a chip barm from the chippy that is located just outside of the bus stop that the bus leaves from to go back to Brasov. 

Costs to Bran Castle

2023 Prices:

· 15 lei for students in classrooms.

· Schools: 10 lei (minimum 16 people).

· Students (with valid student ID): 35 lei.

· Adults: 60 lei.

· Seniors (+65, with valid ID/passport// driving license): 45 lei.

· Ten lei are the torture chambers.

Bran Castle’s Past

Bran Castle, a medieval fortress in Transylvania, Romania, boasts a rich history that spans centuries. Constructed in the 14th century atop a strategic hill, the castle defended against invading forces and guarded the vital mountain pass.

While often associated with the legendary Dracula, Bran Castle wasn’t the residence of Vlad the Impaler, who inspired Bram Stoker’s iconic character. Instead, the castle played a pivotal role in defending the region and collecting tolls from traders traversing the nearby trade route.

Throughout its history, Bran Castle transitioned from a military stronghold to a royal residence, notably under Queen Marie of Romania. Who added her artistic touch to the interior. During World War II, the castle witnessed tumultuous times, serving various purposes.


Bran Castle is open daily from 9:00 to 18:00, although from October to February, when it’s colder outside, they close two hours earlier, so plan accordingly. It will take you a few hours to thoroughly visit the castle. They have a lot of other events and festivals all year round, especially around Halloween, so be sure to check their website. Tickets are 8.60 euros.

If you’d like somewhere to sit down, there’s a café at the foot of the castle that provides excellent soups and coffee at typical pricing. If not, there are many delectable street food stalls around the court. Given that the area is open for strolling and sitting, you can even picnic there. Wear appropriate shoes because the trip up and down the castle is rather steep and can be slick in the winter.

Best advice: Stroll over to Inima Regina Maria, the final resting place of Queen Marie. With caution, you can ascend the hill from the tomb to gain a breathtaking perspective of Bran Castle.

FAQs from Brasov to Bran Castle

How do I go from Brasov to Castle Bran?

To go from Brasov to Bran, you have three options: bus, cab, or tour. The least expensive choice is the bus (13 Lei), the fastest is the taxi (35 minutes), and the easiest is to take a tour.

Is a trip to Bran Castle worthwhile?

Bran Castle is unquestionably worth seeing because of its magnificent architecture from the fourteenth century and the numerous Dracula stories and legends surrounding it.

What is the bus fare from Brasov to Bran?

The one-way bus fare from Brasov to Bran is 13 Lei ($2.88).

What is the fare in a taxi from Brasov to Bran?

A taxi from Brasov to Bran, or vice versa, costs approximately 220 Lei ($48). This cost may include a one-hour wait—plenty of time to see the castle.

Searching for further activities in Romania? Check out this excellent guide to other day trips from Brasov, or visit Sighisoara, the birthplace of Vlad the Impaler. A charming village tucked away in the Transylvanian countryside.

Last Words

Eerie and enchanted castle hidden away in the Transylvanian wilderness. So, don’t hesitate to book your trip now. There’s no reason not to visit this place since getting from Brasov to Bran by bus, taxi, or tour is so simple.

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