Dog Bite Lawyer

Why Do I Require a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Dog bites can cause excruciating agony and terror. Although most of us adore our animal companions, biting them can result in permanent harm. You most likely need a dog bite attorney if a dog bit you or a loved one. We’ll explain why below.

Dog bites are typically the result of owner neglect. Dog owners in Georgia are required to exercise control over their pets. According to Georgia Code Section 51-2-7, the owner may be liable if the dog bites someone. You may need assistance in receiving the payment you are due.

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Why Should I Meet with a Dog Bite Lawyer?

Following a dog bite, there are confusing and unpleasant moments. You may be wondering what to do initially. Engaging a dog bite attorney will guarantee that you take steps to strengthen your case.

Dog bites should be covered under the homeowner’s insurance of the dog owner. That implies you can submit a personal injury claim to the insurance company. It’s more complex, though.

The claim procedure is complex for insurance providers. They frequently employ strategies such as:

  • Calling you and turning whatever you say against you.
  • Doubting or underplaying your injuries.
  • Giving you the impression that the first lowball offer is your only option.
  • Seeking to persuade you that legal representation is unnecessary.
  • Requesting a recorded statement from you.

Insurance adjusters know what they’re doing. Their goal will be to give you the lowest feasible salary. However, dog bite attorneys are likewise competent in their field. A dog bite attorney will stand up for your rights at every turn.

How a Dog Bite Lawyer Can Support Your Claim

At the very least, we recommend calling a dog bite lawyer for a consultation. Like John Foy & Associates, most injury attorneys provide a free consultation. You can clearly understand your legal choices by speaking with a lawyer.

A dog bite lawyer can help your case by:

  •  Proving that the dog owner was negligent before the attack
  • Deploying detectives to obtain proof
  • Looking into the history of the dog
  • Compiling testimonies from witnesses
  • Collaborating with specialists to gather data
  • Communicating and negotiating with the insurer for you

Insurance companies are more likely to treat you seriously if you have legal representation. It will indicate to the insurer that you want to pursue just compensation. The insurance company might make a prompt, just settlement offer.

Dog bite victims who don’t have attorneys typically pay for everything. Medical fees from dog bites can cost you thousands of dollars. It’s possible that you also lost pay. Many victims endure long-lasting emotional damage.

Set Up a Free Consultation Right Now

Avoid having to foot the bill for a dog owner’s errors. Speak with a dog bite attorney to begin your defense. The good news is that there will be no upfront costs.

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How Do I Respond If a Dog Bites Me?

You most likely have a case if a dog or a family member bites you. Usually, the owner’s insurance allows you to make a personal injury claim.

Building your case can start with the following actions:

  • Taking photos of the entire situation, the dog that bit you, and your injuries
  • Finding out if anyone in the area knows the dog
  • Obtaining eyewitnesses’ contact details
  • Reporting the dog bite to the police and Animal Control
  • Preserving medical documents and additional proof of your losses

Additionally, get in touch with a dog bite attorney right away. Your attorney will advise you on the best course of action. They can assist you in calculating your damages and determining the appropriate compensation.

Will the Owner of the Dog Try to Contest My Claim?

That is conceivable. Owners of negligent dogs are reluctant to accept responsibility. The dog’s owner may claim that you:

  • Incited the dog to attack you
  • When the dog bit you, you intruded on someone else’s property
  • Had some involvement in the dog attack

These justifications are typically merely an attempt to absolve oneself of accountability. But every defense is just another reason you may require legal representation.

Your attorney will be well-versed in handling every dispute. A knowledgeable dog bite attorney will know how to address typical dog owner defenses.

It’s a good idea to consult a dog bite attorney. You can talk about your alternatives and the specifics of your case. You can then choose how to move forward.

The time limit for cases involving dog bites

According to Georgia Code Section 9-3-33, you must file a case two years from the date of the accident. It’s advisable to get going right away. You’ll need adequate time to compile supporting documentation and develop your argument.

Free Consultation with a Dog Bite Attorney

For more than 20 years, John Foy & Associates has assisted victims of dog bites. We have caring and seasoned attorneys on staff to help you.

We are aware of the anxiety an animal assault may cause in your household. Making the procedure as simple as possible for you is our aim. You concentrate on getting well, and we’ll handle your case.

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